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Having a sewer line drain clog, or sewer stoppage is not a situation to take lightly. Also, it is not the type of plumbing situation that will correct itself and just magically start working well again on its own. We can’t think of a scenario that would be worse or as dangerous as a sewer blockage.

What To Do If a Sewer Stoppage Occurs

1. Stop using the home or commercial plumbing until the clog is professionally removed. Using the plumbing system will only make the problem worse.
2. Give Haynes Plumbing a call to come get rid of the sewer stoppage.

What is a Sewer Stoppage

The residential or commercial sewer line connects ones home or office sewer to either a septic tank or to the municipal’s sewer system. When the line gets clogged, discolored water will begin to back up and can go all the way back up ones drains. This sewage is hazardous due to bacteria. One does not want to be in contact, or have flooring and furnishings get in contact with it.

Signs of a Sewer Line Clog

As stated above, the most obvious sign of a having a sewer blockage is seeing sewer water back up into ones drains. It may happen in toilets typically first, but can also happen in shower or bathtub drains too. Another sign is noticing the imbalance within the plumbing system. For example, flushing a toilet can have a shower or tub drain to back up. Or when running a bathroom sink, bubbles may form in the toilet. Operating ones washing machine can impact any other drain in the home too. A final way to visually see if a sewer line is clogged is to locate the sewer clean-out (if ones home is new enough to have one). Take the cap off the pipe and look to see if water is flowing, overflowing, or just visible. If so, there is any issue and we ask to please give us a call.

We us assist with any type of sewer stoppage throughout Alexandria VA, Arlington VA, Bethesda MD, Silver Spring MD, Potomac MD, Hyattsville MD, Rockville MD, and Bowie MD.

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